These are areas I can help you declutter!!

Declutter_wardrobeWardrobe - an area of many fashion horrors, items that will never see the light of day again and that special size 0 dress that you keep telling yourself still fits like it did all those years ago!



Declutter_CosmeticsCosmetics - All those bottles with all those empty promises of eternal youth. How do they get away with it! You will look just as fabulous without half of them in your armoury.



Declutter_PaperworkPaperwork - if your home is one of those where there is enough paper about to keep an office of 10 going, then its time to have a look at what can be got rid of - before another tree needs to get planted in your name to reduce CO2 emissions!



Declutter_KitchenCupboards/Attics/Basements - Ideal if your hidden secrets include a remote for a TV sold 10 years ago, 10 nail files, old christmas cards, Utensils that you dont even know what they do any more, manuals for who knows what and food that you would not even give to the cat. I mean, why do you need 10 packs of everything in the kitchen?



Declutter_HouseSpecific Rooms or complete house declutter - a change is as good as a holiday! And with all this clutter gone your home will be like a new haven of tranquility!


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