Decluttering with me is fun & liberating!!

Declutter_BoxesDecluttering is more than just putting your stuff in boxes and making it all look tidy (although this can help). I mean - just look how neat these boxes are (even if they are full of stuff you don't need!)..........Click here to find out what declutters I specialise in

Detox_Your_MindOn some level, your mind believes that the clutter you have accumulated is helping you get what you want in life. There may well be a lot of emotional attachment that we need to work on too.

I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and have some great techniques to help you Detox your attachment to the items you need to get rid of.


Declutter_CalendarA successful decluttering can take time. My advice would be to have at least two 1/2 day sessions together. Very often, there can be some reluctance to letting it all go at once!.................more info about bookings here



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